The Secret Lives of Moms

Babies are the most adorable creatures on Earth! There is nothing like a full-body hug from a baby, or the amazing pride a parent feels when their toddler takes their first steps.

However, there are some harsh truths that mothers need to deal with when they have children. Their days aren’t filled with rainbows and sunshine. Here is a list of all of the things that new mothers can look forward to so that it isn’t as much of a surprise, or heart-breaking scene, when they do occur.

There Is No Such Thing As A Learning Curve

Mother kissing daughter outdoors

If graphed, this would look more like a skyrocketing sonic boom. As soon as colic is mastered, there isn’t much to know afterwards. Changing diapers soon evolves into big kid underwear, which leaves moms feeling as though they were never as on top of things as they thought they would be.

And sure, a firstborn will break in a new mom for their sibling, but the second child usually has a different temperament, taste, or learning speed than the first child.

The Bright Side

The mental workout. This is a great way to learn about human behavior without needing to take a college course.

Running In Circles

Janine Saber, of Orinda, CA, says, “The minute you get one thing solved, there’s something else to do,” when it comes to the never ending cycles of feeding, sleeping, and diapering that occur in the beginning stages of a child’s life. For mothers who are career chasers, this cycle can feel mind-numbing and frustrating due to feeling like a hamster in a wheel.

This cycle may begin to overlap once more children are added to the household. Saber has even acknowledged her own difficulties, as she has forgotten to feed her baby cereal with formula due to one of her children being late for school.

The Bright Side

Saber suggests that, once a mother realizes she has no control, she gains control. Thus allowing her to go with the flow.

Feeling Helpless


Once a mother is ready and willing to do anything to make their child safe and happy, they will discover that there are times when nothing is in their control. This can occur at a playground, during a playdate, or even in their own home. Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Parenting Books, says that it hurt her to see her children being teased of excluded from playgroups. This made her wonder if there was anything she could do to help her kids deal with being bullied at school.

The Bright Side

The need to find a solution is an amazing drive that will allow mothers to find many solutions quickly. This can occur from research, asking friends and neighbors, and even asking family members who may have all gone through the same scenarios as the children they are looking out for. Douglas, herself, spoke with the school’s teachers who went on alert for her children’s problems, allowing Douglas to have a better sense of what was happening throughout the day.

There Are No Instant Replays

The time will come when the wrong thing is said. The wrong thing will be done. This is true for all aspects of life, but for the growing of a child, it is that much more important due to these snap decisions that help form a growing mind.

The Bright Side

Letting off some steam can be a small reminder that it’s time to count to ten and take a deep breath before speaking. A few small mistakes will not scar a child, so as long as an apology is made, and the mother can move on from the situation, everything will be fine. In all likelihood, the child has moved on before the parent.